Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It has been a rather long time from my last post. Events in life have been rather... interesting, none of the less, I have brought you a glimpse of my progress. The first image is the current Z-brush model of the Captain Kidd Kaedo. Not noticing until now, the back of the legs are looking rather strange and must have immediate attention. In addition, the following image is the clothing block-out that I have for him. The boots are much to long, so I'm in dire need of resizing that. His coat is still in order, so that will need to be worked upon.

In addition, I've been working on some accessories for the Kidd. I made his sword, an ancient weapon birthed from the depths of Hell and rightfully named. "The Fallen One". This sword was found in one of the Kidd's adventures out at sea. Though massive, the weapon is very light and inflicts horrid results upon its victims. The first image of the sword was a first pass at texturing whilst using body paint. The following is the same model with more attention.

The next item for show, is "Sword is the Stone". It is a relic left by religious officials during one the many crusades. The Kidd acquired it during one of his visits to the Vatican, where he saved the Pope from a near death experience. Not much of a weapon, this sword is used as an agent of protection. Sword is the Stone, gives an aura of protection over what ever means of transportation that it is on. It has also been given the name, "Safe Cross-ing".

Naturally, Captain Kidd Kaedo has to have a treasure chest laying around. This is one of many treasure chests that he has. I did not model the chest, I only textured it and added minimal objects to it.

The Metal Whip is the weapon of choice for Lady Injurious. The whip is possessed and seeks the blood of its victim. With the use of this weapon, there is never a bad hit. The fancy table is a gift from her husband, lacquered in blood and coated with a pleasant red varnish. The table is not my model, thus I will not take any credit for it. I only textured it. Currently, Lady Injurious is out of town and will return shortly for her photo shoot with wonderful images of her on this blog.

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